Supermarkets Play These 7 Psychological Tricks And We Fall For Them Every Time

Admit it, you love supermarkets despite the fact that grocery shopping is boring .

If you want to learn how easy it is to manipulate a human, you go and visit a supermarket. They are vultures preying on our psychology and also earning money out of it. Don’t believe us? We noticed these 7 psychological tricks supermarkets play and we fall for it, every single time.
#1 Shopping trolleys too big.
They go way too far with this one, honestly. Shopping trolleys were invented in 1938. Purposely built larger than what a family would need. The trolleys encourage you to buy more. 

#2 Bakery products are sold at impulse 
The smell of baked products is enough to make you hungry. The products are normally kept near the front desk. This makes you inclined to impulse purchases.
#3 They exploit kids, literally. 
They purposely place the cheapest products in the most bottom shelf, so that they are easy to ignore. The most expensive ones, however, are placed at the eye level of children i.e. 1.6 m above the ground. 

#4 The walls are always painted red or yellow.
Warm colors make you want to stay in a place a little longer, sustains your attention and also encourages you to buy more.
#5 They force you to walk everywhere. 
The essentials are scattered all over the place which forces you to walk the whole damn store.
#6 You’re tricked into associating red with discounts. 
Everywhere near the market, there are posters of the discounts. And obviously, they are all red. But all the signs do not denote a discount or an offer. Unfortunately, you’re tricked into thinking that you are going to get a discount.
#7 There are no clocks so that you lose track of time. 
The tiles are too small in the aisles with expensive items and you think you are moving fast. You aren’t allowed to know the time because you’re made to lose track and shop more.
You’re welcome, buddy.


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