20 Idea's To Be A $ Millionaire $ - That Cost You Nothing

 you can make your money grow, even if you only have a little bit to start with savings and investment.

20 Idea's To Be  A  $ Rich $  -  That Cost You Nothing

Become self-employed

Even if you have one of the highest paid jobs in the world, a steady pay-cheque is still the slowest way of getting rich. The fastest way to wealth is self_employment.

Learn to save

 one of the biggest mistakes people can make is not to learn early on how to save properly. Saving is a habit,  the earlier you get into that habit, the easier it will become.

Save to invest

you need to save to invest, rather than just saving for the sake of it. Of course you need to save for emergencies too, but keep your savings for investments separate. 

Invest in low-cost index funds

investing is not only for the rich. You can start with small amounts 

Invest in yourself

 One of the best investments you can make is investing in yourself so that you can unlock that great potential within you. For example, there are plenty of free and easy courses available online , that will look amazing on your resume.

Surround yourself with talented people

the idea that you surround yourself with smart and talented people who share your vision. This way, you can pool your talents and build something bigger than what you would have built on your own.

Use other people’s money

asking other people for money to fund your projects ,  you’ll get plenty of people who say no, but you shouldn’t let that discourage you. After all, it only takes one yes.

Develop a plan

A great tip from millionaires, is to draw up a detailed budget and financial plan. This will help you know how much you have, how much you spend and where and how much you can save. Living according to a budget is one of the ways you can retire with millions.

Live below your means

 living above your means is a huge mistake. Of course you can have nice things, but before you buy them, you need to think about how they will affect your financial plan.

Automate your finances

automating your finances is a smart way to save. It lets you focus on other things rather than worrying whether you’ve paid your bills. In addition, having money automatically go into a savings account forces you to save, rather than spending it on other things.

Focus on earning

saving alone won’t make you a millionaire. You need to increase your income. So, you need to focus on opportunities to earn more money.

Develop multiple streams of income

There are many ways to earn extra money. You can even earn money while you sleep.

Avoid debt that doesn’t make you money

you should avoid debt that won’t somehow make you money. For instance, only go into debt for a new car if having that car will increase your income.

Learn to think logically about money

rich people leave the emotion out of the way they think about money. They leave their fears about money behind and see it as an important tool instead: one that can present opportunities

Know how finances work

 financial professionals don’t make the decisions for you, but they will explain why a certain decision will be a good or a bad one. However, financial planners cost's your money.
 learn how finances work so you can make your own informed decisions. 

Get paid what you’re worth

what you earn today will dictate your future earning potential. So, you have to get paid what you’re worth. You need to look at the market rate for your job, but you also need to look at how additional skills can take you a step up the corporate ladder. 

Learn how to become decisive

 make decisions quickly and with confidence. take time to really think things through.

Buy on sale and in bulk

 a good way to see an immediate return on your investment is to buy on sale and in bulk. you can do it for any consumables or reusables you can’t live without. 

Set clear goals

setting clear goals for your money. You need to be realistic, but still think big. Once you have a clear vision of what you want, you can set in motion the actions you need to take to get there.


Reading is one of the reasons you’ll become a millionaire. The pace at which you read isn’t that important, what’s important is that you do. It’s something that many of the world’s richest people have in common.


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